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A brochure website design is a fantastic way to give your customers an idea of what your business is about. A great opportunity to create the perfect first impression, getting the right look is imperative.

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So what are Brochure Websites?

In its simplest form, a brochure website design is a straightforward site averaging between 5 and 10 pages. It will normally consist of a home page, a page about you and/or your business, a page or more about the services you offer and a contact page.

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Is a Brochure Website right for me?

Having a brochure site is the most cost effective way of getting yourself online. It’s a great way to showcase what you do and requires very little maintenance; updating your services or showcasing your latest work should be the most amount of upkeep required.

The brochure website is simple by nature, so if you need any functionality beyond a contact form such as being able to manage the content yourself, you may need to look at an alternative solution (which we can help with).

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