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Our SEO Cornwall service helps you to put your best foot forward and increase your visibility in search engines such as Google and Bing. What does this mean? Ultimately this will lead to more visits on your site, improved conversions, increased trust in your brand and attracting new clients!

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SEO Cornwall

SEO Consultant Cornwall

We offer a comprehensive search engine optimisation service to help your website be discovered online. As SEO consultants, we provide service and support to any size business, from self-employed client through to eCommerce platforms with thousands of products.

We cover all aspects of the SEO process to ensure you get a complete service, focused solely on getting you results. Every single client we work with benefits from the following:

  • No Setup Cost
  • No Minimum Contract
  • Complete Transparency

Unlike a lot of SEO companies, we don’t believe in trying to tie you down in to a contract. We let our results speak for themselves by establishing, and working to, a measured and detailed SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals.

SEO Site Audit

As the old adage goes ‘you’ve got to know where you are to work out how to get to your goal’.

That’s why the first thing we do as part of our optimisation strategy is to analyse your website as it currently stands. This allows to see the areas where your site is performing, and the opportunities to make things work better for you.

This will give us a great deal of information for the core of our SEO strategy. However, that’s not everything we look at, after all, you’re looking to rank above someone else right…?

SEO Site Audit
SEO Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Twinned with your site audit, we also look at your competitors, both direct and indirect. This gives us a broader picture of your industry. We get into the detail of what they’re doing right to make themselves rank and cherry pick the best bits to add to your strategy. After that comes the fun part – we get to be creative a look at ways that you can be better than the competition.

Thats not the end of it either. Over the years we’ve worked with 100s of different business, so have had the inside line on things that generally work and those that don’t. If we spot something we think will add value for your customers, we’ll mention it, be it a service you’re not yet offering, or even a better way of doing things.

Technical SEO

What’s a 302? Where do I find my sitemap? Why isn’t my page showing up in Google?

Exactly the kind of questions that shouldn’t be stopping you from running you business – and the kind of queries we love to get our hands dirty with!

After auditing your site we’ll have a good idea of any issues that need to be solved. We also use tools such as Google Search Console and other dedicated SEO applications to help identify areas for improvement. Technical SEO is a discipline all of its own, but we’ll make sure there’s nothing under the hood of your site getting between you and your customers.

Technical SEO

Do you need a website? Check out our web design Cornwall services.

What Hat SEO

If we wore hats, they’d be white!

Come again?!

Well, there are 2 different approaches to search engine optimisation. One is to use less-than-savoury (black hat) techniques to trick search engines. This can occasionally yield short term results but is always found out and the site in question eventually gets penalised. Heavily. Alternatively you can use ‘white hat SEO techniques’ which do things the right way, building for sustainability and longevity.

Needless to say we use nothing but white hat methods as we strictly follow Google (and their search engine) guidelines to get the best from your site.

More than SEO

We are a full service design company and absolutely love the fact that we can be considered your one stop shop for marketing.

How does this help? Well, part of the optimisation process is to work on and add content to your site. Not only can we help with that, but also being web designers ourselves we will make sure everything is on brand to fit in with your existing styling.

Beyond this, we can also supplement your marketing efforts by offering our social media management and print design services to help you keep everything under one roof and reduce your time and marketing management costs.

Full Service Design

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