Waxing Studio Logo Design

As found in a lot of business fields, the design offerings in the beauty industry are often cluttered and filled with clich├ęs. Thankfully, when the client approached us for a new waxing studio logo design, they were already aware of this.

Straight from our initial conversations we knew we were going to enjoy this project, the client was keen to set themselves apart, which can often give us the freedom to create something special.

We ended up going with something quite minimalist and classy. For us the logo gives off a feeling of classic luxury, yet maintains a contemporary edge. We feel theres a certain warmth to it too, the purple definitely adding to the welcoming feeling that is replicated when you pick up the phone or visit the studio.

All in all we were very happy with this logo project, as was the client; the variations on different backgrounds turned out to be just as striking. We will be working with the client again soon to pick up on their next round of marketing.

If you are starting a new business, or looking to update your existing collateral, take a look at our logo design packages today.