Office Interior Specialist Logo Design

Logo Redesign

One of our favourite jobs is refreshing company branding. Whilst there is a lot to be said for creating something from scratch and watching it grow, we find a revamp just as exciting. With an logo redesign, theres a before and after shot, and who doesn’t like the big reveal when they’ve got their old design for comparison? It’s that sense of exhilaration and relief from the client which really drives us, the sense that their company suddenly has purpose again and they can push forward with confidence.

Cue a call from an Office Interior Specialist – Task Developments. The work they were doing in office spaces was fantastic; unfortunately, their branding was not. As is the case with a lot of refresh jobs that we do, the quality of their work was something worth shouting about, they just didn’t have the confidence in their marketing materials to back it up.

The client sent over some photos of the work they had done, and it struck a chord with us straight away, they did offices like we do branding – clean, modern and classy.